A Saturnalia Miracle

This is one of my favourite Christmas TV moments. According to the writers of The Big Bang Theory Sheldon doesn’t officially have autism, but he does show traits that are strongly associated with it. I myself find hugging people very awkward, so when I want to hug someone it is usually a very special occasion.

I first saw this before I was diagnosed with Asperger’s and I remember having a lot of understanding and sympathy for Sheldon. One of my friends on my teacher training course actually said they thought I was quite like him. That wasn’t the first warning sign to go unheeded!

Enjoy the holiday period and please spare a small thought for those with Autism and/or Asperger’s. The festive period can cause a lot of distress with a large increase in socializing and the disruption of daily routine. I know it’s hard to think about whilst – quite rightly – trying to enjoy yourself too.

I pray that you, and all those you love and care for have a happy and peaceful Christmas.

See you in the new Year!

– Shrugs, Not Hugs


2 thoughts on “A Saturnalia Miracle

  1. I am the kind that would rather hug than shake hands. Shaking hands is just so grosse to me. It took a long time for me to learn how to hug and I still don’t understand how long and the rules for appropriate hugging. But, oh well.

    My 21 yr old and I have been working on teaching him how to hug and when to hug. I know, kind of like the blind leading the blind. Because of my own struggles I have let my kids not hug others, but lately I have come to realise that maybe that has made things more awkward for them. So we have been working on it. These last few days he has actually seemed to be getting the hang of it all.

    One of those moments when I shower praise on him for managing an incredibly difficult task.

    He and I got ourselves a really great holiday gift at that moment.

    • I find that handshaking has more variables to consider: duration, grip, looking someone in the eye, saying something etc. But I think it’s great that you encourage hugging in your family. My family is very uptight and British about it. They only hug in extremis, like when someone’s died. So I’m learning from others and people on TV.

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